Sunday, November 04, 2007


MaxDSL speeds in practice

When BT brought out MaxDSL "up to 8M" broadband the naysayers and cranks with sand in their vagina blurted on about how nobody would get an 8M connection. We can now see how wrong they were thanks to Entanet's BRAS profile distribution. This reveals that 21.6% of their users have a 7150 profile, the maximum you get with an 8128 connection. a further group 10.4% have a 6500 profile which means the speed is at or above 7392 kbits/s. If we add in the 2.3% with a 7000 profile we can see that one third of Entanet's users are at or above 7392 and over 20% are at the full 8128 speed.

The Enta display is dynamic so here's a snapshot copy for posterity :-

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