Sunday, July 10, 2005


From South Witham to Minneapolis airport

This comes to you via the wireless internet access at MSP airport, a pay-to-use service which I access via IPASS roaming thanks to a prepay facility run by the folks at

Yesterday's VoIP-a-thon at S Witham was interesting. A collection of many different ATAs, IP phones and Skype over bluetooth headsets. Basically it all "just worked" via Tom's wireless network, which runs on beer and tobacco.

My PAP2 worked good on two accounts, also the Cisco BTBBV box fired up nicely on the SWBB net once their MAC codes were granted access by Tom. NO port forwarding or firewall fiddling required. We also dipped our toes in the confusopoly of charging rates to different types of number / different countries.

Best go now - off to queue behind a "line" of Americans taking their shoes off to go through a metal detector (?).


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