Sunday, September 10, 2006


Cisco ATA186 SIP image.

BT's Broadband VoIP service BTBBV was originally supplied with Cisco ATA186 ATA hardware using the MGCP profile. In the beginning mine arrived before the service was up and running so I flipped it into a SIP profile and used it with FWD. BT have now moved their rebranded Broadband Talk service onto SIP and sent me a BT Voyager 10V ATA. Time to get the 186 back into service on SIP....

First problem was finding the ATA on the LAN, pressing the red button on the 186 with the connected phone off hook brings up the IVR voice menu and keying 80# has it read out the IP address. I was then able to see the 186 web interface at http://ataip/dev

Next to locate the SIP image and upgrade tool. This is something you can get from your VoIP provider, buy from Cisco or Google for ata186us.exe and use your imagination. ata186us.exe is the loader and the image file is *.zup

Make a note of the current firmware version at the bottom of the web page or use IVR 123# and IVR 123123# - in my case Version: ata18x (Build 030814a)

You then run an upgrade TFTP server on a local PC with a command like :-
sata186us ATA030100SIP040211A.zup -d1 -any2
where any2 means do the upgrade even if its a different version to the old one.

the onscreen instructions tells you to..
"Using dialpad of your telephone (attached to your ATA box),
press ATA button to go to main menu, and enter:

100#10*0*0*23*8000# (to upgrade code)"

there is then a long and agonising pause, followed by the IVR lady announcing "upgrade succesful" - Result !

Back to the web interface to check....
Version: v3.1.0 atasip (Build 040211A)

Off to sipgate to look at the example ATA186 configuration. Loaded up my details then hit a "password change" screen from the ATA. Google reveals the default to be '0' so I change it to a 4 digit PIN (in case at any point I have to put it in the IVR). That works, so now I have to get the settings loaded up and debugged.


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